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The Beginning
The Party Reunites!

Griff and Kendall, along with their newfound companions Talathel and Babel, finally reunite with Beau and his companion The Mover. The Heroes have been plagued by nightmares for a months on end that for some reason has revealed a sigil. Griff, Kendall, and The Mover have been attacked by exploding humans thought to have been possessed. Kendall bracing for impact behind his Lion’s Shield and covering Griff has been hit by the acidic blood of the human bombs resulting in some form of Curse on his ankle where the shield couldn’t protect. Talathel has mused the curse might be ancient and powerful but can’t think of a group of people capable of wielding such legendary power.

Upon happening upon each other inside the monastery where a decade ago monks once lived in the party happens upon books. Each with it’s own label they pertain to a magical stone. There’s The Summoner’s Stone, The Witch’s Stone, The Wizard’s Stone, The Philosopher’s Stone, and The Alchemist’s Stone. Each book talks about different aspects to the stone. Ignoring Talathel, Griff, and Kendall’s tales of haunting and a figure destroying Beau’s library, which seemed to be untrue, they head to the Rewold, the Capitol city, to talk to a James Smith who The Mover has encountered before. He takes them to a section containing all of the books written by an unknown author from an unknown time period. Inside the books the author tells of a school he once went to where he kept all of his notes though he never mentions a name. He’s researched the creation tails from different schools of magic all pertaining to a stone of some sort though it is unclear if he ever succeeded in his findings.

The Wizard’s Stone talks about the stone’s arcane magical properties from an educated mind’s perspective and how it could boost the mind of the user to gain powerful knowledge and access to the most powerful of spells, many long forgotten. Created from intensive study from one of the top wizards of the ancient world their mastery of the arcane arts and understanding of Arcana granted them the ability to spell craft this stone.

The Philosopher’s Stone discovered in the monastery talks about the stone’s divine power and the potential for each god to have put their might into it, giving mortals who control it the power of the pantheon. A collective of paladins and clerics prayed to their gods for an answer to a crisis they didn’t know how to face and the stone was given to them as a way to save their world.

The Summoner’s Stone is from a focused perspective of magic: Conjuration. The Summoner’s Stone talks about the stone’s existence. It suggests the physical form does not actually exist on this plane but is summoned to it from another world. Perhaps it is actually magic itself summoned into a physical form.

The Witch’s Stone talks about the power of the pact. A very powerful witch once made a pact with the most powerful of monsters, a terrifying beast that could destroy cities, and how their power together created a most powerful artifact known as The Witch’s Stone.

The Alchemist’s Stone talks about the chemistry of the stone. It says that an ancient alchemist once discovered how to use souls as a catalyst to mix gold, lead, and water into a stone.

The Mover thinks each book pertains to it’s own stone that perhaps could be combined into a more powerful stone. Kendall thinks all the books talk about the same stone and that the stone changes properties depending on the wielder. Either way the books are filled with legends how will the party decipher the truth from the myth?

The Great Forest

The party pays a visit to the capital’s premiere wizarding school in hopes of gaining audience with the school’s archmage. Unfortunately, he is absent for important business. Beau reunites with his former necromancy professor and asks if he has any idea what kind of magic could disease a paladin and if he knows anything about the fabled Necromancer’s Stone. The professor informs the group that in his research into the Lich that nearly wrought total annihilation on the plane a decade prior, he has reason to believe that the Zeros are connected with the Lich, and that there has been strong Zero activity in the Great Forest. The party board the Mover’s fantastical airship and sojourn to the Great Forest, which Griff’s aerial reconnaissance reveals to be the site of an old fort atop a mountain filled with Slither Clerics. Beau believes that deep in the mountain might lie the site of the school where the author of the Philosopher’s Stone once attended, so the party initiate an all out attack on the unprepared mercenaries and clerics. Several pyromantic spells, herds of rhinoceroses, sleeping darts, ablative walls, and all out melee engagements later, and the party has successfully captured two of the surviving denizens of the fort. Now they are seeking information from their captives, and will prepare to search the inner depths of this mysterious site.


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